Typography Matters: How to leverage neuroscience to build a memorable brand.

Published by Monotype

In the competitive world of marketing, standing out is crucial. As a marketing decision-maker, you’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. But have you considered the role of typefaces in your marketing strategy? 

Since 2021, we’ve been researching the hidden power of typefaces and how they can evoke emotions, influence perceptions, and even shape brand identities. In this eBook, we’ll delve into the science behind why certain typefaces resonate, the challenges of adapting designs for different regions and languages, and how you can bring it all together to better leverage type in your work. 

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  • How to harness the emotional influence of typographic attributes  

  • Challenges in adapting marketing strategies for different regions and how they impact type choice  

  • Strategies for choosing type that enhances your brand’s values and doesn’t detract from them 

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